Slip & Fall Injury

Slip & Fall Accidents Lawyer

A slip and fall accident in Dayton or Cincinnati occurs when an obstruction or other hazardous condition causes a person to slip or trip, and then to fall. This can be caused by a variety of factors, such as water or ice in a parking lot, loose floorboards, improperly secured carpeting, wet floors, and supermarket spills. Business and homeowners have a responsibility to maintain safe property conditions, and if neglected, may be liable if you are injured. Although elderly persons are generally more susceptible to the injuries that a fall can cause, people of all ages are seriously injured due to owner negligence each year.

The consequences of an injury can range from sprained joints and severe bruising to broken bones and brain damage. The effects of such injuries may be long lasting or even permanent, resulting in lost wages and unexpected medical expenses. If you or a loved one has fallen and been injured because a Dayton or Cincinnati business or homeowner has failed to provide a safe environment, contact our Dayton or Cincinnati Slip and Fall Accident Attorney Law Firm. You may be eligible for compensation as a result of the injuries. Our Ohio legal team will evaluate your case and help you learn your rights.