Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer

“Bad faith” is a term that refers to an insurance company promising more than they deliver. This is typically applied to situations in which the covered (you) is led to believe that your policy covers something that your insurance company will later refuse to pay for.

Insurance bad faith is a form of consumer fraud because it unfairly denies consumers the money and/or services to which they are legally entitled. Some examples of insurance companies acting in bad faith are:

  • Unreasonable denial of a legitimate insurance claim
  • Under payment of an insurance claim
  • Unreasonable delay of payment for your insurance claim
  • Refusing to authorize necessary medical treatment

Collect What You Deserve.

Remember, insurance companies are businesses. They directly profit from each claim they deny. Paying thousands of dollars a year, you deserve to protect yourself and claim insurance money that you are entitled. If you believe your insurance company has taken advantage of you or is not telling you the whole story, contact a Dayton insurance bad faith lawyer who is experienced in investigating insurance fraud to learn if your rights are being abused.