Dog Attacks

Dog Bite Victim Lawyer

Individuals who own and care for dogs have a responsibility to keep others safe from any harm or threat the dogs may present. When an dog that someone owns or harbors attacks you or a loved one, the result can be serious injury, lifetime disfigurement, or even death. Because of this, an aggressive dog should be taken seriously. If an owner knows that a dog has bitten in the past, the owner knows there is potential for an equal or more dangerous situation to arise in the future.

Dogs are not predictable; they do not operate with the same rationality as humans. Even a previously calm and affectionate dog has the potential to react in an uncharacteristic and dangerous manner. Even if a dog has no past history of aggression or violent outbreaks, owners are still responsible for injury caused by the dog. Under Ohio law, owners of dogs are responsible for injuries caused by the dog even if it is not the result of a bite.

Unfortunately, owners who fail to take those preventative measures (such as fencing, strong chains, and secure collars) are often the owners who neglect duties in other ways. If a dog has improper food and shelter, or if it is not given the attention it needs, it may become increasingly prone to act out due to stress from hunger, pain, or abandonment. When an under-fed animal is not properly contained, this is a volatile situation that can quickly turn to an attack against an innocent person.

If you or a loved one has been suffered injury due to a dog bite or other Dayton or Cincinnati dog attack, you have certain rights under the law. While the dog may not have known what it was doing, dog owners still have responsibilities. Therefore, if you have been injured during an dog-related incident, it is important to seek experienced legal help. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Contact our Dayton or Cincinnati dog attack lawyers today.