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Experienced Ohio Attorney Get You Out of Trouble during DUI Season

October 21, 2014 | Nick Devoe

We are fast approaching the holiday season and over the last few years it is also been termed as the ‘DUI Season’. Statistics show that during the period between Thanksgiving and the end of New Year’s weekend the numbers of DUI arrests are much higher compared to rest of the year. This is also the time when most people are driving late into the night. These are some of the busiest bar nights of the year and hence the booking for DUI also goes up. It is also a time for increased road fatalities. According to NHTSA, between 2001-2005 while an average 36 fatalities occurred per day in the U.S. due to drunken driving the same figure increased to 45 per day during the holiday season.If you or your loved one has been booked for drunk driving it could have severe effect on your life. This may include revocation of the driver’s license or driving privileges. A criminal case can be recorded and the accused sentenced to probation and/or jail and restrictions on travel. Fine ranging from $250 to $10,000 could be levied and six points added to your license that also increases the insurance premiums. The legal issues involved in a DUI/ cases are complex and hence you should waste no time and seek immediate help from an experienced Ohio attorney who specializes in DUI laws.

Tilt the Case in Your Favor

When you have been booked for DUI and you are in dire straits, this is when an experienced lawyer in Ohio would come to your rescue. They have detailed knowledge of the DUI laws in the state of Ohio and would leave no stone unturned to tilt the case in your favor. They would gather crucial evidence to ensure that your case is strong enough to help you achieve a favorable judgment. They would also make sure that there is no forced forfeiture of your car to the state. A competent legal team would keep you informed in all matters relating to the development in the case.

Sympathetic Support

DUI arrest may happen once in a lifetime but it can greatly affect your future as well as that of people around you. This where an experienced lawyer would be sympathetic towards you and boost your moral while the legal proceedings carry on. They would take care of all the necessary paperwork and put into action their expertise and ensure all your rights are protected.

A DUI charge can have a long lasting impact on the life of the convicted. Hence you should take no chances when it comes to approaching an attorney as it might be the difference between discharge and conviction. This is where Thorson, Switala, Mondock & Snead, LLP ( would offer you the best possible legal help in Dayton, Ohio and other adjoining areas. Apart from DUI they also have expertise in cases relating to criminal defense and personal injury. They offer you a consultation free of charge where they make you aware of the merits of the case and also guide you on the right course of legal action.

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