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March 29, 2009 | TSMS Law

Our Dayton Lawyers want everyone to be aware that Railroad accidents have contributed significantly to the high mortality rates of accidents on the whole. This happens mostly because people ignore an approaching train at many of the railroad crossings. People cross when they are not allowed to and are hit by the fast approaching train. Many times the victims are innocent. In such cases the operational staff of the train is negligent and is not able to control the brakes when it sees a car or a motorbike crossing their ways.

The government and the federal transportation authorities have formulated strict safety rules that need to be followed by both the parties when they pass by each other at the railroad crossing. Many a time violation of these rules in Ohio results in disastrous consequences. The railroad accident laws are very complex and you should immediately contact your lawyer if you are in such a situation. You should also seek immediate medical help at the earliest possible.

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